Snow Machines
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Snow Effects
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The fake snow, artificial snow and liquid snow are all part of the Special Effects Equipment CITC manufactures. The Little Blizzard snow machine is the most popular snow machine in the world. It has the ability to last longer, make bigger and better snow, and be quieter than any other snow machine on the market today. The liquid for making this snow is shipped all over the world.

Also the fake snow flake called SnoBiz® comes in 3 varieties: SnoBiz Closeup snowflakes, Snobiz Regular snowflakes, Snobiz Fine snowflakes. Each snow flake box is either a large compressed 10 cubic foot box or a smaller 5 cubic foot box.

Our fake snow flake is designed to look, fall and even melt in your mouth. Made from rice and wheat gluten, it is safe if stuck in your mouth and melts just like snow. It’s also been tested and approved for use in forests by USDA.

Used on many feature films, this fake snow gives the best show. It shows up on film better than real snow that is falling due to size and color. A combined fake snow flake and the Little Blizzard snow machine with liquid snow for generating a falling snowflake has been hailed the “best I’ve ever seen.” By Tony Roberts, Director.

30 of CITC's snow machines, fans and extra dry snow fluid were used for this year's Snowflake Lane show in Bellevue, WA. Generating excitement with all of this floating fake snow created energy for tired shoppers and merchants and increased crowds for business.


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