The most reliable and powerful electric controlled (disposable CO2) Celebration Launcher in the WORLD! This Auto Launcher comes complete with one 32" "Quick Connecting" Cannon tubes. It is truss mountable or can be placed on the ground. The Auto Launcher also comes with a 3 year warranty based on proper usage. Auto Launchers are designed to be 100% “Fail Proof” against any pressure leaks. These patented Launcher systems are capable of perfect and predictable results each and every time because they retain the CO2 gas in the CO2 cylinder up until the moment they are activated. (Beware of our competitors’ products that offer systems that pierce the CO2 Cylinders first prior to the activation; such systems are unreliable and prone to problems!)


  • Powerful, electric controlled launcher
  • Shoots confetti 50’ and streamers 80’
  • Uses 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges
  • Drop in Speed load confetti and streamers
  • Quick connect cannon tubes
  • Can be hung or placed on the ground
  • 100% “fail proof” against any pressure leaks.
  • Perfect and predictable results every time